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Foot Binding

I have worn a size 12 shoe since high school. No matter how snug the shoe was, if I liked it, and if it was a size 12, that's what I bought.

Then, about a year ago, I had my first experience with gout. Boy is that painful. Even then, it never dawned on me that moving up in shoe size might be a good idea.

Last week I went to a shoe store that still uses salespeople -- ones that still measure your feet. And I learned sometime. In length, my foot is indeed a 12. But other parts of my foot measure out to 13.

The salesperson said I might be binding my feet. That image stuck with me, and I decided to buy a size 13 as a test.

So far, so good. I'm now in the process of throwing out all of my "snug" size 12's. Don't ever get too attached to a number.


  1. There seems to be surge in shoe companies putting more specialized soles in for comfort. I wear a 13 and just ordered some new dress shoes (from the JC Penney catalog) that I could barely get my foot into. That was the first time a 13 was ever too small for me. Upon closer inspection of the shoe, I found it to have more padding in certain places compared to other shoes. I then tried to order a wide size of the same shoe, but they were out. Maybe we should just make the floors at RCTC softer!

  2. Do you remember that David Letterman used to wear sneakers with his chinos? Make I should bring back that look. Dan, if you and I brought back that look together, we could start a trend... and I'm sure our foot would feel a lot better, too. Function and fashion. :)


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