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The Human Animal

We went to the Farmer’s Market in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, and the place was amazing. If you ever have a chance to visit San Francisco, I would highly recommend that you add it to your agenda.

All big cities have a problem with homeless people, but San Francisco seemed to have a bigger problem than most. On the plus side, all of the homeless people we met on the street were very nice, and it was interesting to see the relationships some had developed with businesses. For example, I just happened to be standing on the street corner outside of our hotel for a few minutes one night, and I noticed a sack of take-out food just sitting there… right outside a Thai restaurant. How weird is that? I thought. Shortly thereafter, a younger black man came walking down the street, picked up the sack in one swift movement, crossed the street, and went along his merry way. By the way he moved, I understood this to be a nightly event.

More sad was the sight I witnessed at the Farmer’s Market. As I ordered my lunch from a little stand, I noticed a middle-aged white man hanging over the side of a trash can, his butt exposed for all of those unfortunate enough to be looking in his direction. While I was ordering a fresh meal, he was helping himself to the “leftovers” that others had thrown away. And while I watched him, I have to admit to you a scary thought. It was this: he looks human, but he’s not. I thought this just for a second, but it scared me to be able to look at a fellow human being and “see” something less than human.

Then I found a secluded bench and enjoyed my lunch. But now I wonder, who ate my leftovers?


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