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Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up, so it's time to consider how big our footprints are.

My footprint is 27 acres, which apparently means, if everyone lived like I do, we'd need six Earths to sustain us all. (The average American footprint is 24 acres).

What is the size of your footprint?

(Gee... and I thought I was just a size 12!)


  1. Brett,

    Let me help you solve your oversized carbon footprint problem.

    "Carbon credits" or "carbon offsets" are a the solution. They allow you not to change your luxurious lifestyle and still claim to be "carbon-neutral." All you have to do is pay a monthly fee to any of a number of companies, including the one Gore owns, Generation Investment Management LLP, to buy "carbon offsets."

    Carbon offsets work like the indulgences sold in the later middle ages. According to EcoBusiness Links ( ), "[c]arbon offsets enable individuals and businesses to reduce the CO2 emissions they are responsible for by offsetting, reducing or displacing the CO2 in another place, typically where it is more economical to do so."

    You can pay as little as $3.56 or as much as $39.48 per metric ton of CO2 you produce. You have already calculated your carbon footprint, now all you have to do is contact the company of your choice - depending on the type of offset you desire - and start writing those monthly checks. Your carbon offset provider will take care of the rest for you.

    It is really hassle- and guilt-free. As a bonus, you can go on living the way you are living - fuel-guzzling planes and energy inefficient mansions are ok -while safe in the knowledge that your CO2 emissions are being "offset" somewhere else. Hopefully.

  2. Signed,

    Othelmo da Silva (if you didn't guess)


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