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Who Loves Ya, Baby?

Warning: Political Posting

I'm reading Barack Obama's The Audacity of Hope, and it's a compelling read. He has apparently pulled in 20 million dollars for his presidential campaign, which is just a few million behind Hillary...

Last week Rev. Jesse Jackson endorsed Obama, and I thought, hmm... the endorsement solidifies Obama's Democratic credentials, of course, but in his book he discusses the importance of being above politics, and not falling victim to the "right vs. left" dichotomy. Jackson's a pretty polarizing figure, but what's Obama to do? Could he refuse the endorsement, and if he did, would that show that he's rising above politics or surrendering to the very dichotomy he claims to oppose?

Obama is for real, and I humbly predict that he will be the next president.


  1. Janine from classApril 13, 2007 at 6:28 PM

    If the choices were Obama or Clinton, I would go with Obama.

    I'm one of those that feel Hilary already had her 8 years.

  2. Senator Clinton carries a lot of baggage, but he is to many people very lovable baggage. It is yet to be determined whether William Jefferson Clinton will be an asset or a liability to her. But my guess is that in Democrat circles he will be an asset. Senator Obama is, to most common citzens of the United States, pretty much an unknown quantity. It appears that at this time he is flying below the radar, as the saying goes. We shall see how things develop when the heat becomes more intense.

    On the Republican side, of course President Bush is under fire from nearly everyone. The "Usual Suspects" have their problems as well. For Senator McCain, first is his age and health as perceived by the voting public. Then he seems to have become less genuinely conservative, according to some, and that might hurt him among Republicans. Governor Romney carries the baggage of being identified as a "Mormon" which bodes ill for him, perhaps, in the so called "Bible Belt" where his church is feared.

    In sum, I think it is not a foregone conclusion that the Democrat candidate will win, but the odds are that this will be. Having said that, I am not ready to give Senator Obama a pass as yet. He may have the politics of Illinois dragging at him in the next few months.


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