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Clouds: Invitation to Write #1

For Writers:

On lazy summer afternoons in the park, I like to look skyward at the friendly, puffy-white clouds. Something about cloud gazing centers me, making me feel as though the world and I are one. Sometimes the imagination wanders, and clouds take the shape of animals, faces, or other objects. Sometimes clouds are not puffy white at all. These other kinds of clouds are black, mean, and menacing.

What I remember most about my first airplane ride as a child is the unique experience of looking down on the clouds. Clouds, as I found out, are not the top of anything at all. They simply rest between the earth and eternity.

Write about clouds today. What is the most unusual cloud you have ever seen? Why does the image stay with you? Do you tend to remember the “friendly” clouds or the “mean” clouds more? Explore why that is.

“Is there no pity sitting in the clouds,
That sees into the bottom of my grief?”
William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet


  1. You truly think that words can change reality? Can words make sunlight into midnight black or merely make it seem so? Can words change reality or merely change perception?

    Does the name we give to something really change what it is?

    Think about it.


  2. Always like the nub of your gist, my friend. :)


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