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Backstage Passes: Invitiation to Write #16

For Writers:

She and her kid sister took a road trip to Ohio one summer to catch three Def Leppard shows. This was 1987, and the band was at the height of its popularity.

The kid sister was 16, and she was willing to do anything to meet the band. By the third show, the roadies had taken notice of the two young women, and one offered the girls backstage passes.

When they went backstage after the show, the band was nowhere to be found, but the room was filled with assorted roadies and hopeful groupies. “Take your tops off,” one roadie said, “and you’ll get to meet the band.” This was the initiation price all prospective groupies had to pay for the chance to meet the heavy metal heartthrobs.

The 16 year old was willing to strip down, as were most of the girls in the room. The older sister refused to take her top off, however, as the thought of a bunch of 40 year old roadies pawing at her chest repulsed her.

In the end, the roadies failed to keep their end of the deal, selecting only the ones they deemed “prime” to meet the band -- and only after completing one more task, which I won't relate here, to prove their worth.

Fortunately, the 16 year old was not among those invited to play the roadies' next game, although she didn't feel lucky at the time, and she never listened to Def Leppard in the same way ever again.

Where would you like "backstage access"? What would you do to get past the “filter” to the restricted area beyond backstage?

“Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom.”
Bayle Roche


  1. "What would you do"? I hope you are not "trolling".


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