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A Reference Letter from God -- Invitation to Write #11

For Writers:

People are busy, and acknowledging that fact, I hate asking anyone for favors that will eat away their precious time. As I know from personal experience, writing a reference letter can be a chore, and needless to say, the person doing the requesting always needs it written and sent out immediately. The sense of urgency is probably a good thing, though, because if given an ample amount of time – two or three weeks would certainly seem helpful – it would just be far too easy for the reference writer to procrastinate and forget.

When I first started asking people for references, usually professors to support my applications to graduate schools, I would often write the letters myself. Sometimes my professors would look at me like I was crazy to hand them a completed reference letter that I had written for them to sign; but I’m sure that some of them simply signed their names at the bottom, secretly glad that they didn’t have to take the time to write anything themselves.

What if you needed to ask God to write a letter of reference for you? Explore the kinds of things that might be included in such a reference letter. Would you have the chutzpah to write your own reference letter, expecting God just to sign off on it without reading it first?

"Call on god, but row away from the rocks."
Indian proverb


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