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Favorite Author Never Read: Christa Faust

Who's your favorite author?

Pretty boring question, me thinks. But let's spice it up: Who's your favorite author that you've never read? Right now, mine would have to be Christa Faust. I mean, just take a look at her website. How could you not be a fan of Ms. Faust?

Currently, I have two of her books staring down at me from my "must read bookcase." But, honestly, I don't want to read her books. What if I don't like them? After all, sometimes things are better to admire from afar. I just fear that if I open Ms. Faust's books and take a look inside, I might not like what I find, and then where would I be?

The last time I loved an author before I actually read anything by them? The author's name: Carlton Mellick III. The book: Razor Wire Pubic Hair. What a great title, what an interesting book cover. He was supposed to be the "modern-day Kurt Vonnegut." Nope, he wasn't anything like Vonnegut, and the designation probably does Mellick a disservice as it builds expectations in a fan base that is totally different from Vonnegut's.

But I know I have to take a chance with Ms. Faust's work. I can't just leave the books sitting there on the shelf. I have to take them out for a cup of coffee at some point. And, if it turns out that they're not for me, well, there are other books on the shelf, so to speak. :)


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