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Showing posts from February 11, 2007

The Top Ten

Everyone loves lists, don't they? What if you had to come up with a list of the top ten books that have affected you the most? How would you develop such a list?

Peder Zane edited a book called The Top Ten: Writers Pick Their Favorite Books. Actually, I just started thinking about the top ten concept, and then while at Barnes and Noble, I stumbled across this book. As far as I can tell, and I only had a chance to flip through it, this is a book of fiction writers listing fiction, though.

As an English major, all I cared about was fiction. But these days, I find myself reading everything. My list would be more inclusive than just fiction, and I would also be more concerned with how the book affected my life rather than just how "good" the book was, if you catch my meaning.

Anyway, if you care to share your top ten, I'd love to see it. Post a comment here, or email me at And if anyone is interested, I'll post my Top 10 list next week.


Wisdom from President Hill

Why do we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives? Why are we so concerned about our ego?

On Friday, I had the opportunity to listen to former RCTC President Charles Hill (1953-1982) share his experiences. He's 92 years old now, and it was interesting to hear him talk from the perspective of wisdom.

What does he remember? It's not the stupid little day-to-day things that stress so many of us out. Instead, he remembers people. He remembers the fun he had along the way. At no time, though, did he merely list his life's accomplishments. Ego wasn't involved in his stories at all. And that, I think, is how it should be. How many of us remember and acknowledge that on a regular basis?

There's a big difference between making a difference and being self-important.