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Showing posts from April 15, 2007

Earth Day

Earth Day is coming up, so it's time to consider how big our footprints are.

My footprint is 27 acres, which apparently means, if everyone lived like I do, we'd need six Earths to sustain us all. (The average American footprint is 24 acres).

What is the size of your footprint?

(Gee... and I thought I was just a size 12!)


I just discovered librarything last week, and I spent most of Saturday keying in all of my books -- all 1300 of them.

Librarything is a site that allows you to catalog your books online. Pretty cool, actually.

If you look over to the right, you can go through my entire library, if you are so inclined. So go ahead. Find out what I read.

And if you ever need a book, and I have it, I'd be happy to lend it to you.

A Quick Announcement

Okay, let's see if I can type this. The due date is October 6.

Here's a brief background for what led up to this:

Blissful Ignorance, March -- Linda feels tired and nauseous all the time, but she never stops to consider that she might be pregnant. She's a nurse, but the fact never crosses her mind. In fact, she goes to the doctor to check on the possibility of ulcers...

D-Day, April 6 -- We had talked about driving home to Illinois for the weekend, but in the end, we opt not to. That evening, Linda discovers the truth of her new reality. She estimates that she's probably 8 weeks along.

Denial, April 6-12 -- I choose not to believe that my life is about to change.

Acceptance, April 13 -- We go in for the first ultrasound. Is this an elaborate hoax? There's something on the screen. Maybe it's just a big tapeworm? Nope, that's a future baby alright, and 15 weeks along.

Change, April 15 -- Cancel the cruise plans for October, and see how non-refundable, non-refunabl…