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Sizzle or Fizzle?

In 1992, Bill Clinton was virtually unstoppable.

Everywhere he went, masses of people came to hear him speak. Sometimes he'd be hours behind schedule, but people didn't seem to mind.

Although I was actually a George Bush supporter at the time, I went to hear Clinton speak in Vandalia, Illinois. The town is about 5000 people, but I would estimate that 10,000 (and maybe more) came out to the Courthouse to hear him speak. After all, presidential candidates don't often travel to Vandalia!

Love him or hate him, the man had sizzle.

But what does Hillary have? Last week, she loaned her campaign $5 million. Saturday, Obama swept in Washington, Nebraska, and Louisana, and this morning I read that Hillary is shaking up her campaign staff.

Her campaign is starting to fizzle. Meanwhile, Obama's movement reminds me a lot of the 1992 Bill Clinton campaign, at least in terms of the excitment he's generating.

But Obama isn't all sizzle; the man is filet mignon steak, too. He's the real deal. :)


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