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Opportunity Curse

Can opportunity be a curse?

In more conventional terms, what I'm describing is generally known as "opportunity cost." That is, one opportunity elements another. To use a silly example, if you spend all of your time playing basketball, then you won't have time to play baseball. In other words, the opportunity to play basketball all of the time eliminates the opportunity to play baseball. Makes sense right? As a result, you get really good at basketball, but your skills in baseball never improve...

And, sometimes people will say, "I'm tired of basketball; I want to play baseball," but they've been playing basketball too long. Think about the Michael Jordan experiment, for example. Or, think about when Brock Lesnar tried to make the jump from professional wrestling to the NFL. It just doesn't work out because they're going up against people that used the opportunity to spend all of their time playing baseball, or football, etc.

That also suggests, though, that whatever you start doing, you should stick with it. Don't give up what you're good at to try something else.

Never try anything new? What do you think?


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