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Taking a Number Two

So now Hillary is teasing the idea that she would select Barack to be her running mate.

Let's see. He's won 28 contests, and she's won 17 (and I think that number includes Michigan and Florida, which really don't count). He leads in delegates and the popular vote.

How magnanimous of Hillary to "offer" the number two position to Barack. How nice.

Now, some pundits are calling Barack "arrogant" to dismiss the offer. Arrogant? Um, he is leading the race, and he's running for president. Arrogant?

Doesn't it seem more arrogant for the runner-up to suggest that she would offer the "runner-up" slot to the leader?

And, excuse me for stating the obvious, but if Barack doesn't have enough experience, and if he's not ready to lead from "day one" like Hillary, then why would she put him in the position that's next in line to the presidency?

Question: How full of crap is Hillary anyway?


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