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Wrestlemania 24 Match Predictions

Wrestlemania 24 is just a week away (and yes, this is the 24th year they've done one). I thought I'd post my thoughts on the matches; while the card isn't great, it's one of the better Wrestlemania cards that they've put on in a long while.

1. 24 Man Battle Royal (winner facing ECW Champion Chavo Guerreo later in the show) -- Odds on favorite has to be Kane. Could someone less well-known win? Maybe, but I think Kane is likely to win and then go on to beat Chavo Guerreo for ECW title.

Prediction: Kane

2. Chavo Guerreo vs. Kane -- Normally, this kind of match would happen later in the show, but don't be surprised to see Chavo come out immediately after the Battle Royal is over (or, actually, he'll probably watch the match from ringside, jumping in as soon as Kane has eliminated Mark Henry and Big Daddy V from the ring).

The producers will want to get both the Battle Royal and this match done in 15 minutes. ECW has no value to them...

Prediction: Kane by pinfall (new ECW Champion)

3. Finlay vs. JBL -- Should be a fairly quick victory for Finlay; expect his "son" Hornswoggle to have a major role in the outcome.

Prediction: Finlay by pinfall

4. Candice Michelle and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina -- The Women's title isn't on the line this year; however, I wouldn't be too surprised if somehow the title ends up for grabs; this kind of tag team lumber-jill match is the only way that Maria could ever win the title. So, it's a long shot, but I bet Maria wins this match, somehow winning the title.

Prediction: Maria (new Women's Champion)

5. Batista vs. Umaga -- Here's a match that could be really good, but I have the feeling that it will end up serving more as filler and time-killer. Batista is the odds-on favorite; however, this match probably means more to Umaga's career at the moment -- especially since he'll probably become the #1 contender to the WWE championship.

Prediction: Umaga by pinfall

6. Money in the Bank (7 Man Ladder Match) -- Before Jeff Hardy got himself suspended for violating WWE's illegal substance policy, this was his match to win; now that he's not in the match, the favorite to win should be Kennedy. Kennedy won the match last year, only to lose his briefcase to Edge, due to injury. After Umaga gets his title shot, expect Kennedy to be next in line.

Prediction: Kennedy

7. Ric Flair vs. Shawn Michaels -- The rumor is that Ric Flair plans to retire after this match; however, I don't see this man ever retiring. If he does happen to lose the match, I'm sure he'll be back in the ring wrestling sooner than later. I'd like to think Ric will win this one, but the better money is on HBK.

Prediction: Shawn Michaels by pinfall

8. WBC Welterweight Champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs. Big Show -- This is the special attraction "boxer vs. wrestler" match, and frankly, I don't much care. The last time Big Show wrestled in a special attraction match at Wrestlemania, it was in a sumo contest. He lost that one, and somehow Mayweather will probably manage to knock out the Big Show. I expect outside interference on this one, possibly setting up Big Show's next program.

Prediction: Floyd “Money” Mayweather by KO

9. Edge vs. Undertaker for the World title -- Can Undertaker go 16-0? Probably so, but his title reign will likely be short. Nevertheless, I can't see Edge being the one to end the Deadman's Wrestlemania winning streak.

Prediction: Undertaker (new World's Champion)

10. John Cena vs. Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the WWE title -- Triple H has to be considered the very heavy favorite; should he win and my other predictions come true, that would mean four title changes. That seems unlikely, but keep in mind that the Women's title isn't officially up for grabs.

Prediction: Triple H (new WWE Champion)


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