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The Answer Is the Question -- Invitation to Write #28

For Writers:

When Malcolm X was in prison, he read the dictionary from cover to cover. More than that, he actually took the time to write out the dictionary, definition by definition. There's a man that had some time on his hands! But this is also an example of a man that had an insatiable appetite for knowledge.

In 2004, A.J. Jacobs wrote The Know-It-All, which describes his own personal quest for knowledge, detailing his experiences reading the complete Encyclopaedia Britannica. Again, I'm impressed he found the time to do that, because as far as I know, Jacobs didn't spend any time in jail -- making his accomplishment all the more noteworthy.

And just follow any political campaign. I betcha the candidates have never taken the time and effort to do what X and Jacobs have accomplished, and yet, just ask them a question, any question. They might not have the answer to your question, but they will have an answer. And isn't that what's really important: having an answer no matter what the question?

Me, I don't claim to have the Answer. In college, I was trained to ask questions, and to me the most important answer is what question to ask next.

What Question has been on your mind lately? Take some time to explore the Question. Remember that your goal today is to explore, not to answer.

"Computers are worthless. All they give you is answers." -- Pablo Picasso

"If we would have new knowledge, we must get a whole world of new questions." -- Susanne K. Langer


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