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Driving Blind -- Invitation to Write #58

For Writers:

My parents had been here before, but my dad’s latest toy was his GPS navigator. He put in our address as the final destination, told my mom they’d arrive by 7 p.m., and off they went.

About four hours into the trip, we called them for a progress report. They had just passed Rockford and were beginning to work their way through Wisconsin. According to the GPS, they were right on schedule. What could go wrong?

We called them again around 6 p.m., assuming they would be near LaCrosse and about ready to cross over into Minnesota. As it turned out, they were well on their way to Eau Claire.

Apparently the GPS had failed to mention that when I-90/94 splits, they needed to follow I-90, not I-94. And while they knew it seemed wrong to be heading north on I-94, they hadn't brought a map, and it didn’t dawn upon them that the GPS would lead them astray. After all, a GPS is foolproof, right? Just set the directions and go.

In what specific ways does technology blind you?

“Technology makes it possible for people to gain control over everything, except over technology.” – John Tudor


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