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Getting Lucky -- Invitation to Write #24

For Writers:

If a girl ever brags about "getting lucky," I've yet to hear it. Only guys will talk about having sex with basic strangers in this way.

And yet, where's the luck in having sex with someone you have no emotional attachment to? Isn't it more "lucky" to find someone that you care about deeply, that you want to know intimately, that you'd actually like to spend time with outside the state of lust or conquest?

Euphemisms are examples of language failing. They never accurately depict truth, and they always attempt to hide reality -- not only from the person listening, but also from the person speaking.

"Got lucky" lately? Indeed.

Pay attention to the use of euphemisms today, and point them out when your now sensitive ears take notice. Is there a euphemism that you or others use on a regular basis? What drives people to cloak reality in phony language?

"Sleeping together is a euphemism for people, but tantamount to marriage with cats." -- Marge Piercy


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