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The Hidden KISS -- Invitation to Write #53

For Writers:

I couldn’t believe that my mom spent $300 on a CD player. It was the Sony Boombox I had been asking for, and for Christmas 1987, it was mine. Or so I thought. Actually, mom had intended it to be the “family’s present," but I quickly claimed ownership by stealing it back to my room.

One of the first CD's I ever bought was KISS’s Crazy Nights. I played it constantly, and for whatever reason, KISS was a band I really could identify with. So did my neighbor, Jason, and he always bought Metal Edge and magazines of that genre. We'd pour through the pictures of our favorite bands and look at the t-shirt ads. That’s when I decided to do something daring. I would buy a KISS t-shirt.

My parents wouldn’t approve, I knew, so when the shirt arrived in the mail, I started wearing it in secret. I also started washing my own clothes so that mom wouldn’t see it in the laundry. At school, some of my teachers were surprised to see me wearing a t-shirt that only "druggies" wore, but I was proud to break the stereotype.

Soon enough, I grew careless, and mom found the shirt. My parents sat me down for a chat, asking me why I’d wear such a shirt. Simple: I liked KISS. No other reason than that. The secret was out, but to their credit, they let me keep wearing the shirt.

What secrets do you keep hidden? Explore one through writing.

“A writer should have this little voice inside of you saying, Tell the truth. Reveal a few secrets here.” - Quentin Tarantino


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