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Jani Lane Back with Warrant; Saints of the Underground out 4/22

Yeah, I know about 3 people will care.

Jani Lane is once again the lead singer with Warrant, and they're going out on a big tour with Cinderella this summer. No, this isn't 1988. It's 2008, and the 80s simply never die.

Warrant's last album Born Again (2006) was with Jammie St. James as lead singer, and it's a solid album, very much in the Southern rock tradition. But as others had said, Warrant isn't really Warrant without Jani Lane.

Jani's first solo album Back Down to One (2006) is quite good, too, except it sounds like it was recorded in someone's basement. In other words, the production values are nil. One example, in "Better than You," you can clearly hear a phone ringing in the background, and I don't think it is part of the song. I've listened to that song 100 times to figure out if the phone ringing is intentional. And 100 times I've decided, nope, that's just a song recorded in someone's basement...
On 4/22, Saints of the Underground release "Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner" -- how's that for a clever title? This a side project with Jani and guys from RATT and Alice Cooper, and although I haven't heard a sample yet, I'll be plopping down my $13.98 for a listen.


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