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Caught in Public Isolation -- Invitation to Write #25

For Writers:

Personally, I like the Food Court at the Mall. Where else are you within walking distance to popcorn, pretzels, stirfry, sub sandwiches, tacos, and Starbucks?

More than the food, I like sitting among a crowd of people, watching the mall-walkers, the stroller moms, the teenagers, and the fat middle-aged men. The people that like the mall linger, and the people that hate the mall speed-walk from entrance to store to exit.

And, of course everyone is talking on their cell phones, hiding behind their own imaginary bubble of protected personal space.

Meanwhile, I eat my lunch, observe the people I don't have to talk to, and relax -- surrounded by my own thoughts, caught in public isolation.

When you want to hide, where do you go? Describe that place in all its glorious detail, and explain how that place, be it public or private, re-centers you.

"The sculpture stands here beneath the tall beech trees. It’ll be gone the day after tomorrow or in ten days’ time when they take it all down. It’ll disappear from here, like the leaves, and it will be winter. Everything about this place will be changed completely. Now is an eternal moment." -- Thomas Boberg


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