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Throw Me a Freakin' Bone Here -- Invitation to Write #36

For Writers:

Professional Wrestler Mick Foley broke at least 13. Daredevil Evel Knievel broke 35, and not all of them in motorcycle crashes. And me, not a one. It’s more difficult to break a bone while sitting in front of a computer screen writing most of the day away. The worst thing that will ever happen to me is carpal tunnel.

Then again, maybe I have broken a bone unknowingly. Is that even possible? According to one website I visited, the average person breaks six tiny foot bones over a lifetime. But if you never knew a bone was broken, does that really count?

I want to get to the real marrow of the question: what exactly does it feel like to break a bone that counts? Does a broken bone smell differently?

Perhaps I should break a bone in the name of science. Not mine, of course, but I’m now accepting applications, if anyone’s interested. For science, of course.

And here’s a puzzle for you to solve: An infant has 300 bones, but an adult only has 206? What happens to those 94 bones?

Have you ever broken a bone? What does it feel like? Describe the type of fracture, the pain, and the story behind the break. Did the event make you more cautious in the future?

“A jest breaks no bones.” – Samuel Johnson


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