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The Knowledge of Cute -- Invitation to Write #26

For Writers:

Two days before our vacation, she started throwing up. Did she know we were leaving? Probably not. Did she know that we had gone as far as to call the vet to schedule an appointment for euthanasia? Probably not. Did she know what it meant when I got the luggage from the garage? Maybe so. Maybe that's why cats sit on luggage. They either want to go, too, or they don't want you to go at all.

Cats tend to know things more with their ears and their noses. They know the sound of a scoop of dry cat food, and they know the sound of a can opener. Our cats also know the sound of the vacuum cleaner, and it scares the nine lives out of them for some reason. Even the sight of a quiet vacuum is enough to start Flem hissing.

And one thing Camilla knows is how to hide. She is a master at disappearing. Think she can't get under the lazy-boy? Wrong. Think there's no way she can fit under the hot water heater? Wrong again. If she were human, she would win every limbo competition, and she'd give David Copperfield a run for his money.

What do cats know? As Mark Twain said, more than we think. They sure know how to be cute, which lets some of them live lives of luxury. And, in Flem's case, the knowlegde of cute saved her from lethal injection as we never kept that vet appointment.

Humans are suckers for a cute face -- even one that pukes multiple times on the carpet.

Do you have a pet? What does it do that impresses you or surprises you? What does your pet teach you about life?

"Way down deep, we're all motivated by the same urges. Cats have the courage to live by them." -- Jim Davis

"A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime." -- Mark Twain


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