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Where Did All the Bubble Yum Go? -- Invitation to Write #27

For Writers:

Back in junior high, I was a dealer.

1986 was a simpler time. I dealt in gum and candy, not drugs. Want Nerds? I got 'em for ya. Want some Bubble Yum? Hubba Bubba? Bubblicious? Step right up.

At my school, there were no vending machines, and if you wanted candy, you came to me -- or one of my few competitors. I'd by a 25 cent pack of gum at the gas station in the morning and sell it for 50 cents at school in the afternoon. Don't have 50 cents? That's cool. I'd sell it to you by the piece, too.

Now, I never bought a car with my earnings by any means, and by the time I entered ninth grade, my days as an candy store entrepreneur were over. One thing I fondly remember about those days, though, is sugar-filled bubble gum. These days, all you can find is sugarless.

And a sugarless world is no world for me.

Is there a product you used to love that you can no longer find? How do you add the "sugar" to your life when the Man decides to take it away from you?

"The good old days weren't always good, and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems." -- Billy Joel


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