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Fur Mowing -- Invitation to Write #72

For Writers:

Our cat Flem didn’t always lick herself bald. For the first few years of her life, she had a very healthy-looking coat. She was also about ten pounds thinner, but no amount of food rationing seems to help her drop the extra weight.

Now Flem weighs in at 20 pounds, and the bald patch on her tummy continue to grow. It’s a terrible thing for a cat not to be able to lick her taint, but that’s what it’s come down to. She cannot clean her naughty bits, and we think this is why she obsessively mows down the fur that she can reach with her tongue.

Camille is no help, either. Flem will gladly give Camille a bath, but Camille is quite a princess, and she never returns the favor.

Do you want to know what kitty dingle-berries look like? Come over and see for yourself. It ain’t pretty, but the smell is delightful.

How far would you go for your pets? Would you put yourself in harm’s way? Live with pet allergies? Spend thousands of dollars at the Vet’s office? Put up with kitty dingle-berries and stained carpets?

“I gave my cat a bath the other day… they love it. He sat there, he enjoyed it, it was fun for me. The fur would stick to my teeth, but other than that…” – Steve Martin


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