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The Weight of Memory -- Invitation to Write #63

For Writers:

For those of us that have trouble remembering where we left our car keys, it might seem like a blessing, but for Jill Price, remembering is a curse.

Price is the only documented case of "hyperthymestic syndrome" and she lives with every single memory as though it is still happening. Her husband died a few years ago, but in her mind, he dies with her daily.

Most of us keep journals so that we can remember, but why does Price feel compelled to write down memories that she knows she will never lose? Perhaps just to prove to others that she's not making up the things she claims to remember? Or to prove to herself that she's not insane?

How much do memories weigh?

What is the one thing you never want to forget? What is one memory that continues to weigh you down?

"The past is never dead, it is not even past." -- William Faulkner


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