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Dokken Rules! -- Invitation to Write #77

Note: I didn't buy my first Dokken album (Lightening Strikes Again) until this year. If you've never gotten into Dokken, it's a pretty good album. Give them a listen :)

For Writers:

Dwight Shrute, the lovable character in the American version of The Office, created a time capsule for himself in 1985. His plan was to open it 20 years later (although he actually forgets about it and doesn't open it until 2007).

In that time capsule, he writes his "future self" a letter:

“Hello Dwight. If you’re reading this, then you are not dead. Good. If you are not Dwight and you are reading this, be aware that this letter is cursed and the ghost of me will haunt you forever. Dokken Rules. Dwight.”

The nearest thing I have to a letter to myself from the past are the journals I kept in college. But I certainly didn't have any thought about a future self. I was far too caught-up in my own petty "present-self" problems.

Write a letter to your future self 20 years from now. What would be your letter's tone? What things would you include in a time capsule?

"The course of life is unpredictable... no one can write his autobiography in advance." Abraham Joshua Heschel


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