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FCC Okays Nudity on TV If It Is Alyson Hannigan

FCC Okays Nudity On TV If It�s Alyson Hannigan

An interesting explanation by the FCC this week...


  1. That appears to be a fairly obvious fake.

  2. Ha ha! I love the ONN. Obviously anonymous(below) doesn't know what the Onion is about.

    This is Blake, by the way, one of your long lost cousins! Just wanted to check in and say 'Howdy' and I have to tell you that baby O is BEAUTIFUL. Love your blog too.

  3. Hi Blake,

    Good to hear from you.

    And as for "Anonymous"... if you think that news story is fake, then all I can say is, you've never seen Alyson Hannigan naked!



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