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The Pregnancy Pact -- Writer's Poke #97

For Writers:

Time magazine broke a story about seventeen high school students in Massachusetts who made a pact to become pregnant. Have you ever noticed that entering into pacts never causes anything but trouble? For you historians out there, just think about all the entangling alliances and pacts that brought multiple countries into war over the last two hundred years -- most notably, World War I.

I was glad to hear that most of the girls decided to use their own boyfriends as the studs, but I wonder how many of them bothered to tell the guys that they planned to bring "new life" to their relationship. Probably not many, if any, but hey, I totally understand. Talk about a mood killer! Such a pity that the pleasure of sex has to be linked to the pain of the intended biological consequence, don't you agree?

One girl in the pact apparently did not have a boyfriend, or perhaps she was the one girl that shared her plan with her sweetie, only to see him galloping off on his horse faster than Shane at the end of that old Western. But she was determined to find sperm anywhere that she could come across it, and so when she found a 24 year old homeless man, she thought he had all the necessary qualifications to father a child.

After all, the homeless need love too.

What pacts have you entered into? Which ones did you keep, which ones did you break? Of the ones you kept, which one turned out to the best? The worst?


Imagine and develop a story around the incident of a 15 year old girl asking a 24 year old homeless man to father her child.

"Babies are such a nice way to start people." -- Don Herold


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