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The Secret -- Writer's Poke #91

For Writers:

A very popular book right now is called The Secret. The title alone compels you to read it (I have not), but the packaging of the book is even more brilliant. This book looks like no ordinary book. The book designer has purposely aged the look of the pages, and even the "S" in the title on the cover is embossed with a faux-wax seal.

Whereas there are things that everyone should know, there are also things that people keep you from knowing. Now, Ann Sexton's dead in "The Truth the Dead Know" might be thought to have secrets, but actually that's not the case. If you want to know the truth of the dead, all you need do is die. Then you too shall know, but the initiation fee for such knowledge may or may not be worth the cost of admission.

Other truths or secrets are even harder to come by. What is the secret to happiness, to contentment, to success, to life itself? Does anyone really know? Is there a dragon out there somewhere hording all the secrets to your life's fulfillment?

Today, share a secret. Or, take the idea of secrets and fill in the blank: The secret to _____. Unlock the secret and share it with someone you love.

"The secret of eternal youth is arrested development." -- Alice Roosevelt Longworth


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