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Russian Egg Roulette -- World Egg Throwing Federation Event

Yes, there's something called the World Egg Throwing Federation, and I think Vince McMahon is behind it.

My favorite event is called "Russian Egg Roulette." What is that, you ask? Well, five of the eggs are hard boiled, but one is straight from the chicken.

If you feel lucky, you just smash the egg on your forward, and just hope and pray that the yolk's not on you!

By the way, in 8th grade, me and Mark Agulair were the tag team champions of the egg throw and catch long distance competition.


  1. Sir,

    We deny any connection with the infamous Vince McMahon. (However, if you mean a different Vince McMahon, its not him either).

    Sorry its taken so long to find your most excellent blog.

    Mo the Cockerel
    World Egg Throwing Championships


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