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Dickipedia -- Someone: Sean Hannity Needs an Entry, Please

There's a new wikipedia-like site called "dickipedia." As you might have guessed, all of its citations are dedicated to America's biggest dicks. Surprisingly, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh don't have entries. I'm sure they will, but this is a big oversight that needs to be corrected immediately.

By the way, has anyone actually tried to listen to Hannity? I can actually listen to Rush. He's annoying, but he can be entertaining. Hannity? He's a no-talent, no-brain tool.

Check out his website: he must think he's a pretty boy as he certainly likes to paste his picture everywhere on his front page:

Even more sickening, he's apparently in the match-making business now with something called Hannidate -- so like-minded (or should I say closed-minded) individuals can hook-up (but only after marriage, of course).


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