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Finding a Purpose Greater Than Yourself

We live in a country that values the individual. Republicans generally take this idea to the extreme, suggesting that it's up to the individual to make his- or her way in the world. Who really ever makes it in the world alone without the support of others? If you can say that you have, why don't you pat yourself on the back. I won't call you a liar...

At the same time, both Obama and McCain suggest that individuals need to work for causes greater than themselves. That's the only way to better a nation, and on an individual level, that's the only way to true, lasting happiness.

Republicans, however, have a problem with people working together if the government is used. Why? The government is just a structure. It's just you and me, really. We often hear that the government wants to spend your money. What kind of b.s. is that? We have elections to decide the agenda for the country. Once the agenda has been set, why are we surprised when a price tag is attached? Why don't people understand that the things people need cost money? Education, health care, defense, scientific research, etc. It all adds up. Taxes take "your" money, but it's not like the money is being shot off into space.

Even so-called pork projects have merit. We often hear that Congress spent $3 million to study the mating habits of bears. Why is that a bad thing? What that $3 million is actually doing is supporting science, and I don't see why supporting science should be labeled as "pork" or wasteful. Do you??


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