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How McCain's Mind Works

At last weekend's Faith Forum, Rick Warren asked John McCain if evil existed, and if so, what should be done about it. McCain's face assumed a stern demeanor, and he said that it does exist and that we must "defeat it." Of course all he was thinking about it is the evil of terrorism.

Terrorism killed 3000 people on American soil. For that, we've spent literally billions of dollars, killed countless more Iraqis (countless because we don't bother to count them, or even find them worth counting), and watched thousands more Americans die in combat.

Warren also mentioned that there are 148 million orphans around the world. Orphans don't necessarily exist because of "evil," but in any event, McCain clearly didn't display the same sort of passion for this global problem as he did for terrorism. Impressively, he mentioned how Cindy flew to meet Mother Teresa and ended up adopting one of Teresa's kids. But in all honesty, that's one child saved out of 148 million (plus the millions more that have died over the years since that adoption).

Why don't Republicans attack global problems like orphans in the same zealous way that they want to attack and defeat terrorism? I think it's a question worth pondering. If you can't use a tank against it, somehow the problem isn't as sexy, doesn't get the testosterone boiling, and just isn't as important. At least that's how it seems to me, and I speak as a reformed Hawk.


  1. Is it possible for individuals to do something for orphans, or does government have to force people to do something for orphans?

    Rhetorical question:"What are you personally, as an individual, doing for orphans?"

  2. Is it possible that terrorism has "created" at least some of the orphans in the world? Is it possible that by trying to control terrorism (I am fairly sure it cannot be entirely eliminated) some of the poverty in the world, including the poverty of orphans, will be eliminated?

    Assuming that it is true that McCain doesn't have a clue, are you sure that Obama does?


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