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Sarah Palin: "A Telegenic Conservative"

It's rather unfortunate, I know, that our society still judges women based on their looks; however, let's be honest about it. Sarah Palin is a lot hotter than Hillary Clinton. Is that why McCain picked Palin (and why Obama didn't pick Clinton)?

Honestly, I think Palin's looks (in addition to her gender) did have something to do with her selection. One of the news wires this morning called her "a telegenic conservative." What an artful way to say, "McCain's VP pick is one hot tamale!"
And yes, she is pretty hot; however, it's interesting to note that the Republican pundits on FOX News are suggesting that former Hillary supporters are going to flock to Palin. Why would they? McCain may have made a "bold" choice by picking a "Washington outsider" (i.e. someone with absolutely no experience), but if you look at her positions on the issues, she's a standard conservative Republican. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with being a conservative, but she's a lifetime NRA member, pro-life, and man-woman = marriage kind of Republican. From all first impressions, she seems to be more conservative than McCain, although some are trying to spin her as a "maverick" like McCain...
I just had a chance to watch her "acceptance" speech, and I'm sorry, but I wasn't overly impressed. She apparently didn't do anything Dan Qualye-like, but seriously. Sarah Palin? Is she the best candidate for the job?
Quite honestly, I didn't like Obama's selection of Biden because it felt like a "safe" pick, but at least Biden is qualified to be president. McCain's pick is beyond "bold." It's downright reckless. I can understand why he didn't want to pick someone like Mitt Romney, or even Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. And maybe Palin will prove herself over the next nine weeks. We'll see...


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