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Rush Limbaugh -- I crush your head

1. Today on the Rush Limaugh show, Rush cried that "it's now coming out" that Barack Obama has changed some of his positions from the views he ran on in 2004 for Senate. Oh, really? How dare someone change their views! Better to think the same thing from birth to death. Who cares about learning? 2. Another Limbaugh lament: Barack doesn't know anything. All he does is parrot what he's been taught. This, my friends, from a man whose fans are called "ditto-heads." Give me a break. 3. If you don't like Obama's politics, that's fine. But what the hell? Limbaugh is pretty pathetic.

Think about this: Limbaugh does a three hour monologue every day. Do you think he would ever be capable of holding a real conversation? There's a reason the format of the show is monologue-based.


  1. I remember when you were a die hard conservative...

  2. I know... so that must make me a flip-flopper, just like Obama?? :)


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