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Blogger vs. Word Press

Which is better: Blogger or Word Press?

When I began blogging a couple of years ago, I started using Blogger. It's easy to use, and I like some of its features -- like letting you know when a link is last updated. But its templates are pretty boring.

This week, I started playing around with Word Press. I like the templates better, and it has the ability to add different tabbed pages -- a feature Blogger lacks. It's also much easier to create a pretty cool header background/photo with Word Press.

On the downside, Word Press apparently only gives you 3 GB of space; need more and they charge you. Blogger's space is free and unlimited.

So I was toying around with moving my blog over to Word Press, but for now I think I'll keep my main blog on Blogger. I still want to play around with Word Press, though, so I'm going to move my Writer's Poke posts to their own Word Press blog -->

What's your opinion? Is Word Press better or worse than Blogger? Are there any other blogging applications that are better than either Word Press or Blogger?


  1. Never heard of Word Press, but will check it out!


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