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Obama/McCain Debate Thoughts

First, why did McCain go to the debate? Isn't his campaign suspended? There's been no deal made in Washington, and yet McCain shows up at the Ole Miss debate... anyway, I'm glad he did.

Second, why wouldn't McCain look at Obama? Jim Lehrer, the debate moderator, tried to get the candidates to interact with each other. Both seemed very reluctant to do so, but only Obama would look at McCain.

Third, if McCain is so good at working with people, especially people across party lines, why did he keep belittling Obama? He kept calling Obama naive, and it was pretty obvious that he didn't think he should be on the same stage with Obama. Obama, on the other hand, always gave credit to McCain when he agreed with him or thought he was right on an issue. Does McCain really believe that Obama is never right?

Fourth, even when the candidates shook hands after the debate, McCain clearly didn't want anything to do with Obama.

Final thoughts: there probably wasn't a clear winner in the debate; however, Obama held his own on McCain's so-called "foreign policy" turf. I like how McCain sometimes just floats out ideas, as though he's never given them any serious thought -- like when he suggested putting a spending freeze on all things other than defense spending. Really great idea... not.


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