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Weird Ideas That Work -- Writer's Poke #112

For Writers:

I usually carry a book with me everywhere I go, and when I find myself eating lunch by myself, I'm often chewing over ideas as well as food.

Strangers are often curious when they see me reading a book in public. They like to sneak a look at the book cover -- I guess to find out if they already know the secrets that I'm just learning.

Today at Taco Bell, for example, I was carrying Robert Sutton's business book Weird Ideas That Work. The woman next in line at the counter took a look at the cover and smiled. "That's how my son was born," she told me.

And I had to admit it. The idea of childbirth is weirder than any idea Sutton discusses.

Describe a weird idea or concept that you've developed that "works."

"Vagina, vagina, vagina. It's such a weird world." -- Kylie Minogue


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