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Just Do It and Other Sexual Cliches

Doug Brown's Just Do It should be better than Charla Muller's 365 Nights.

After all, Brown writes for a living, and the book does a lot of the things I was hoping Muller's would do. For example, Brown actually does describe the sexual encounters with his wife.

But the descriptions grow pretty monotonous.

Brown does include specifics on things they "try" to enhance the experience: toys, lubes, locations, positions.

Brown also includes a lot more dialogue, and on the surface, that should be a good thing. It should be good to hear what his wife is thinking along the journey... unfortunately, it's impossible to know who is "speaking." Doug and his wife sound exactly the same in the dialogue portions, and Doug doesn't really go into his own "deep thoughts" (probably because he knows his wife will be reading the book??).


After a while, I just wondered why I should care, and perhaps that's the main problem I had with both Just Do It and 365 Nights.

Hell, both authors even admitted that the "sex marathon" was getting boring to them after a few weeks, and perhaps that boredom carried over into the writing(?).

Perhaps the two books were simply too contrived for my tastes. I like to read memoirs because I like to see how people handle real situations. Describing sexual encounters with a spouse certain counts as "real," but something about the forced aspect of having sex with someone, even a spouse, seems wrong to me.

So Doug and Charla, if you're reading my reviews, sorry. Both books left me rather limp and unsatisfied.


  1. Hmmm. Are these books written for voyeurs? Why would any healthy person want to be in their bedrooms, or wherever? No real lives of their own?

  2. All readers of memoirs are voyeurs. Nothing wrong with that...

  3. Possibly all readers of history or biography are in a sense voyeurs as well. Maybe it depends on what you get your kicks from whether there is or is not anything wrong with being a voyeur.

    "What you get your kicks from" Almost as bad as "Up with which I will not put"


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