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McCain: 100% Negative -- Meanwhile Coleman Pulls All Negative Ads

McCain is angry.

A University of Wisconsin study found that 100% of McCain's TV ads are negative. In comparison, only 34% of Obama's ads are "negative." And in his desperation, it looks like McCain has nowhere to go but deeper into the gutter. He will continue to attack Obama and try to make his "character" an issue.

Great move, McCain. Don't attack Obama on the issues. Just try to attack him personally. Yeah, I'm sure that will work for you.

Interestingly, Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman announced today that he will pull all negative ads in his race against challenger Al Franken. He's also going to skip a McCain rally today... "to 'dedicate his time to implementing his suspension' of negative ads. "

Hmmm... interesting...

This indicates to me that Coleman is no dummy. McCain is a sinking ship, and so are negative ads. Coleman is right for once. People care about the economy, and not desperate attempts at assassinating an opponent's character.

But McCain will probably prefer to go down in a blaze of negatively.

Obama will win this election in a landslide. I think he even has a real shot to win 60% of the popular vote, which would be pretty incredible.


  1. I think some people like negative ads. I was watching a McCain rally on the news, and his followers (maverick-ettes? mini-mavericks?) were shouting that he wasn't being negative enough.

    All I can do is shrug.

  2. Well, it's interesting. Tonight, it seems like McCain understood his campaign was taking things too far. Let's see if the campaign starts to tone it down a bit. I think they will, if only because they know it's in their own self-interest.


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