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McCain: A Character-assassinating Bridge-builder?

John McCain claims that he can "work across party lines." Really?

This man's campaign offers no sense of working collaboratively with people.

Look at how he and Palin (and their ads) have described Obama:

1. Liar
2. Hypocrite
3. Naive
4. Terrorist
5. Dangerous
6. Liberal
7. Dishonorable

Those are just the first seven descriptors that easily come to my mind.

Let me ask you: If someone described you in these terms, would you be willing to work with that person with a smile on your face? Of course not. Name-calling is not the way to form alliances and to work with people that disagree with you.

Now look at the other side. Has Obama and Biden (and their ads) described McCain in the same ways? For the most part, clearly not. Yes, they have tried to tie McCain to Bush, but they've never criticized him as a person.

McCain's tactics bother me. Yes, he's just playing the political game, but Obama is showing that you don't have to play that game. For the most part, he has run a very honorable campaign.

I'm not sure why the Republicans cannot see this -- other than they simply refuse to see it...


  1. GOP is a bunch of scumbags and outright liars, not to mention other things.
    they have a "campaign to nowhere" and the only way to get "even" with Obama is to spread unsubstantiated rumors and innuendos and put the public in a panic. Shame on YOU!


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