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Voldemort for President 2008

Voldemort for President. Finally, a candidate that says exactly what he means!

(But how do we know that McCain isn't really Voldemort??)
Happy Halloween


  1. McCain can't be Voldemort. Biden is. Why else would Obama have picked him? Or maybe all the kooks who believe in conspiracy theories are correct. In that case, perhaps Voldemort is either the head of the conspiracy or in the inner circles and has a lot of influence in manipulating elections and picking candidates.

    Ponder this. How did Obama defeat the formidable Clinton machine, and the "most intelligent woman in the world" who was backed but the smartest politician in the country? Why did Biden who could go nowhere on his own in the primaries convince anyone that he has _GOOD_ judgment and _valuable_ experience? For that matter how did McCain defeat a pretty good set of contenders for the Republican nomination?

    Just some questions for the critical thinker to consider.


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