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World Clock -- Births, Deaths, and Other Interesting Facts Updated Every Second

Here's a pretty interesting data clock that I think you'll find worth a look:

In 2008, over 48 million people have died so far. Wanna know how? Click the link.

Over 111 million people have been born (vs. 38 million abortions).


Prefer your information by the day? At the moment:

252,000 people have been born today
108,000 people have died today
86,000 abortions
1,700 divorces (U.S. only)
200 more people have entered the prison system
51 species have ceased to exist


  1. Most abortions and a very large portion of HIV/AIDS deaths could be avoided if people exercised the morality of taught by most major world religions. These are the conservative values learned over generations of human experience. But they must be taught to each generation and at least in the United States my generation and apparently that following mine, failed to do this job. Divorce usually results from selfish actions on the part of one or both of the partners. People wind up in jail because of lack of correct moral and ethical training as youth coupled with selfish actions, at least in large part.

    The education system is the fall back system to teach what parents fail to teach, but "educators" have lost their way and think it more important to to teach something that has been called "social justice" or some other such fuzzy ideas.


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