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Election Day 2008

As a reminder:

Voter turnout is expected to heavy across the nation. Therefore, election officials have decided to extend voting through tomorrow.

Democrats are asked to vote today, and Republicans are requested to vote tomorrow.

Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. ggIt is finished. Obama won. So be it. McCain said he would do all he could to help him lead the country. I believe him. Obama said we owe McCain for all that he has done for the country. I believe him. Now I hope that no crazy kook tries anything against President Elect Obama. If he means half what he said in his "victory speech" he may be able to do half of that and will probably be a successful President. I truly expect him to be a one term President, but who knows?

    His biggest mistake so far was in picking a man who could not compete in the democrat primary with any great success to be his Vice President, but I hope Biden will only have to preside over the senate. There should not be many tie votes for him to cast the tie breaker

    You got what you wanted. Congratulations.


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