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Palin 2012? The End of the World Approaches

Palin isn't going away. Now that she’s had a taste of the lower-48, Alaska must seem pretty rural (Yes I know she spent time in Idaho, but let’s face it: Idaho is more or less the middle of nowhere, too).

So I got to thinking: It’s clear that Palin has 2012 on the brain.

And a lot of people have 2012 on the brain as well, because we all know that the world’s going to end in 2012. Don’t believe me?

The Mayans said so, and they’re never wrong. Trust me.

Poles will shift, nukes will explode, and even worse, Palin will be elected president. Luckily the world will end before she can be sworn in, but Palin’s election will be the exclamation point that lets people know that the prophecies of 2012 are real.

This isn’t being discussed anywhere else – you’ve read it here first. Even the wiki for 2012 doesn’t list the Palin election on its “list of possibilities” -->

Surely this is an oversight that will soon be corrected.

For more about the upcoming end of the world, you might want to subscribe to the blog dedicated to the purpose -->


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