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Chelsea Clinton and the Ghost of Monica Lewinsky

Isn't "our business"? What isn't our business? Don't we have a right to know how Hillary handled the whole Bill-Monica episode? The question about Hillary's "credibility" deals with her claim that there was a "vast right-wing conspiracy" against the Clintons. The truth, of course, was just that Bill was always a bit of a lad -- which has nothing to do with big, bad Republicans trying to get them!

Fun stuff. At least one person got to ask a question that wasn't "handpicked" at a Clinton event.

Viagra for Writers -- Invitation to Write #23

Thursday marks the 10th anniversary of the FDA’s approval of Viagra. Celebrate with someone you love.For Writers:Ever want to write, but you just can't get your pen to work? No matter how hard you try, the page remains blank (and unsatisfied), and you’re left wondering: maybe I’m not a real writer at all. No need to feel embarrassed; after all, it happens to everyone. Writer’s Block. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take a pill for this condition? And, of course, the pill should provide you with an open range of time. Maybe you just take the pill, start writing something very cool and important, and get interrupted. No worries: the pill will give you up to 72 hours to express your creativity. You write when the time is right for you.Unfortunately, there isn’t a little blue pill to take for writer’s block. It’s just you against the blank page, and there is no cure. All you have is your indomitable desire to write. What keeps you from writing, and would a “Viagra for writers” pill…

A Matter of Life and Death -- Invitation to Write #22

For Writers:I like to think that I have a pretty good imagination; however, one concept I do have trouble imagining is eternal life. After all, how many millions of years would it take to cross off all the items on your “to do” list?It’s human nature to put things off until tomorrow – and that’s even with the knowledge that we’re all going to die sooner than later. Now, imagine if you knew that you were going to live on and on and on? It seems to me that the tendency to procrastinate would grow exponentially.And quite frankly, I don’t think I’m the only one that has trouble with the whole “eternal life” concept. Most people don’t seem to get past the playing harps on clouds imagery; and for those that believe in reincarnation, well that’s just cheating. But maybe that’s the only real way to live eternally – living each finite lifespan in a repeated state of amnesia, as if each life cycle is the one and only.Okay, let’s narrow it down from eternity to something more manageable. If your…

Act Your Age -- Invitation to Write #21

For Writers:
From time-to-time it will hit me: I’m growing older by the day. Not only do I pay a mortgage every month, but I also have a child that I’m responsible for. How did this all happen?When I look in the mirror, I can see the physical changes. My face is fatter, my hair has some gray, and the lenses in my glasses keep getting thicker with each visit to Lens Crafters. I’ve always needed a lot of sleep, but now if I go without sleep for whatever reason, it takes me longer to recover. I have to face facts: I’m not a young whipper-snapper anymore!On the other hand, being an adult isn’t all that bad. For the most part, I’m in control. And, I don’t have to worry about “getting some place” in life; I’ve arrived. How old do others perceive me to be? I’m never sure, but I can say this: it’s been quite a while since anyone’s bothered to card me.What’s more important: chronological age or the age you feel inside? How do you typically feel: older or younger than your chronological age? And…

Shocking Video: Brave Hillary Clinton under Attack in 1996 Bosnia Visit!

Oh my goodness! In 1996, Hillary made a trip to Bosnia with her lovely daughter, and they had to dodge heavy snipper fire to make it to their limo! If you have the stomach, click this link to watch the amazing video!

What a brave woman Hillary is. When she was actually caught lying about this experience, she simply said "I say a lot of things [that aren't true].... a million words a day."

In other words, she claims just to have "misspoke."

A recent AOL poll shows that 77% think Hillary exaggerates "a lot." In the same poll 48% find Barack to be the more honest candidate -- compared to 11% for Hillary.

Judas My Guide -- and Introducing James Carville as Satan

Bill Richardson endorsed Barack Obama on Friday, and Hillary's people said it was "insignificant." Now, James Carville says Richardson's endorsement is Judas-like.

Question: Does that make Hillary the Christ?

I can't imagine any of Barack's people making similar Carville-like comments about any friend of Barack that happened to endorse Hillary.

And yes, I do think this woman believes herself to be the Savior of our country. Barack has never made such claims. He's always shown humility and honesty. Some people question his virtue, claiming he's just a calculating politician. I'm not exactly sure why some people have started to believe this, other than because Barack wears the label of politician, and so he's guilty by association...