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Run for Fun? -- Gotta Love Third Party Politics (Libertarian, Constitution, Reform, Natural Law, oh my)

I've always had an interest in 3rd parties. In 1988, I can remember going to the local Mattoon library to pick up a book on the 200 "major" 3rd party candidates that year -- including, believe it or not, Ron Paul.

Why do these people run? Hardly anyone has ever heard of them. And even those that a few people have heard of, like Ralph Nader, are pretty much written off as perpetual candidates. Nader had something of a following in 2000. Now he's just a bad joke:

And who the hell is Bob Barr? Wasn't he a Republican? Of course he had no chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination, so he's jumped ship to take over the Libertarian party:

They always claim that they're "in it to win it," too, which actually makes Hillary Clinton appear somewhat sane when she says that!

And what ever happened to Ross Perot's party, what was it called? Oh yeah, the Reform Party. That's the party Nader used …