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Weird Ideas That Work -- Writer's Poke #112

For Writers:

I usually carry a book with me everywhere I go, and when I find myself eating lunch by myself, I'm often chewing over ideas as well as food.

Strangers are often curious when they see me reading a book in public. They like to sneak a look at the book cover -- I guess to find out if they already know the secrets that I'm just learning.

Today at Taco Bell, for example, I was carrying Robert Sutton's business book Weird Ideas That Work. The woman next in line at the counter took a look at the cover and smiled. "That's how my son was born," she told me.

And I had to admit it. The idea of childbirth is weirder than any idea Sutton discusses.

Describe a weird idea or concept that you've developed that "works."

"Vagina, vagina, vagina. It's such a weird world." -- Kylie Minogue

Gotta Love Accordion Guy -- Bush Doctrine and Swearing in President Palin

Wow. Accordion Guy does it again.

When I grow up, I want to have a blog just like Accordion Guy. Brilliant post today! Go check it out.

Is McCain Winning?

A new popularity poll is out with McCain surging ahead of Obama for the first time.

First, don't believe the hype. We all know that "surges" don't mean squat. McCain has about as much chance winning the election as his wife does being caught shopping at Walmart for dresses. It just ain't gonna happen.

Second, pay more attention to the individual state races. According the Electoral College race projections, nothing has really changed. Obama still has a comfortable lead where it counts, and unless McCain can turn a bunch of states, such as Minnesota, Michigan, etc., he doesn't have a prayer.

Third, people will soon get over the Palin surprise. McCain picked Palin from a position of weakness, and this pick will end up backfiring. Trust me on this. Yes, I'm still concerned that people will think she's cute and will therefore ignore what com…