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Fetus Cookie Cutter

The cookies that make you want to take a pregnancy test. Mmmm.... fetus-flavored. My favorite!

The Sign Story Game

Here's a new game to play when you make that long Christmas road trip to Grandma's house. See who can create the best story through the common, everyday road signs you pass.

Above is a pretty good example (click on the image to enlarge), but surely you can do better.

Cheerleaders Take Nude Pictures? Amazing!

It would be too easy for me to make a joke about this story, and I promise I won't say something like: "Why weren't cell phones invented when I went to high school" or "These girls were just trying to show their school spirit."

As far as I can tell, though, nobody was pointing a guns to the girls' heads. That is, if they decided to take nude pictures of themselves, that's their business. And who hasn't taken nude pictures of themselves? Not me.

But the real interesting thing about the story is that the lawyer admits that the girls made an "error," but surely that's enough, right? Just admit you've made the error, and then you shouldn't have to face punishment. Isn't that how our society works these days?

Life without You -- Writer's Poke #134

For Writers:

Have you ever wondered what the world will be like when you aren't around to wonder?

For most of time future, you won't be around. And when you're gone, some people might remember you for a while, but it won't be long before those people are gone, too. And then, all the people that knew you, or knew the people that knew you, will be gone as well.

Simply put, in less than a hundred years time, even the idea of you will have vanished. Even the most famous people in the world become nothing more than a name. Take Alexander the Great, for example. The man conquered "the World," but what do most people know about him, really?

So, if you're not remembered for "you," how can your legacy go on? Or does it matter?

What difference can you make with your life that will last at least 100 years into the future? Would it bother you if you didn't receive the individual credit for making such a long-lasting difference?

"The greatest use of life …

Your Good Is Not Best Enough -- Writer's Poke #133

For Writers:

The ideal of perfection is not good for morale.

Since when did the definition of "good" become "not good enough"? Take, for example, the popular book Good to Great. If something is good -- a business, a life, etc. -- why can't we be satisfied? And what is the standard by which we measure good against great, anyway?

A cliched phrase that has lost all meaning is "best practices." In the business world, you'll often hear people talk about "best practices," as though what works best for others can somehow be retrofitted to work best for everyone. Does that ever really work? Not in my experience.

The conclusion: humans aren't perfect, nor do we need to be. The standard by which we should be measured is "good," and to measure humanity by any other standard is an insult.

Think about something specific in your life that is good. Explain why you believe good really is "good enough" in this case.

"Have no fear o…