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Anything for Love -- Writer's Poke #135

For Writers:

Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love," quite possibly the most important love anthem of my (or any) generation, has a purposely misleading title.

First, Meatloaf chronicles all of the things he would do for love, including: 1) running into hell and back, and 2) never lying to you (and that's a fact).

Meatloaf is nothing if not a romantic.

But anyone that's listened to the song knows there is specifically one "thing" that he would never do for love: the enigmatic "that." And what exactly "that" designates isn't specified until the end of the song.

And what exactly is it that he would never do? Simple: Meatloaf would never go "screwing around" for love.

What would you not do for love?

"Happiness is the china shop; love is the bull." -- H.L. Mencken

Tuned In or Tuned Out?

What are you tuned into at the moment?

If you live in the Western world (i.e. the United States and all the places it influences), then you're probably tuned into Christmas. Doesn't really matter if your Christian, atheist, or other. Tis the season, yes?

Yet this is also the season when stress levels go up, and suicide rates go up.

The only thing that goes down is money in the checking account...

and maybe, well, we won't go there...

I've been the proverbial "sick dog" for the past few days, but my brain is still active. Ain't that a bitch? :)

Drop me an email some time, my good droogies. I miss you all.